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Our power hitters are a brother/sister duo that own and operate Veracity!

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About Us

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges you face in your day-to-day business operations. We help turn businesses and individuals into all-stars!

What we believe in...

The power of a team far outweighs the strengths and talents of an individual!

We believe that working together with our clients is the key to developing a winning strategy. We strongly believe that by listening and developing a relationship with our clients helps to generate the very best results.


To develop trust and to build true, long-lasting relationships with our clients, honesty must be at the center of our business. Everything from the name of our company, Veracity, which means 'truthfulness,' to the exclamation mark in our logo, (which to us represents happiness, honesty, authenticity, and a genuine care for others), has been implemented to be constant reminders of our approach.

Our goal is to use our experience, expertise, and knowledge in the field of digital marketing to help others find success in their business and ventures. We understand that the information in this field can at times be overwhelming, time-consuming, and difficult to fully understand. With that in mind, we aim to help you develop a winning strategy and a plan that will be successful for you!

Johnny & Maria

Johnny Caito

Johnny our multi-position player, and also our power hitter. He has worked his way up the ranks, working in the field of copywriting, digital design, and customer service. If you need a winning website, amazing graphics, and professional writing services, he's your guy!


Power Ranks:

▪️web design guru ▪️copywriter master ▪️ SEO 

Maria Caito

Maria is our utility player that does all of the little things right. Every team has that player that masters the fundamentals, is always making something happen, and is crucial to the success of a team. She specializes in Facebook advertising, messenger marketing, and social media management.


Power Ranks:
▪️Digital advertising specialist ▪️Social media management

Web Design


Maintenance Packages

The Snackbar:

Marketing and Monthly Maintenance

*Hours can be rolled over up to 12 months. These hours can be used on large projects such as a redesign.

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