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➢ Track ROI ➢ Build Email, Messenger, and SMS Database 

➢ Know Your Customers ➢ Increase Social Media Presence

➢ Earn More Profit!


Elite Birthday Program3.png

❓What do people like to do to celebrate their birthday? They like to bring a group of their friends, family, and co-workers to your restaurant for some great food, drinks, and good times.

Groups + a celebration = 💰​

We use advanced Facebook and Instagram techniques to find people in your area with an upcoming birthday and we get them to come to your restaurant with their family and friends to celebrate.

Elite Digital Coupons.png

☎️ The last century called and they want their paper coupons back.

​📲Do you want to track exactly how many customers are being generated from a special coupon or voucher? Our digital coupon system gets people in the door and then allows us to track exactly how much business is being generated from your offers.

Elite Viral Engagement2.png

❓When was the last time you received hundreds of comments on a single Facebook post or received dozens of shares?

​🔓We have cracked the code and we know exactly how to engage your audience like never before.

The name of the game is engagement! If you are not getting your audience to communicate, like, share, and get involved, your brand is disappearing into the abyss. 💨

Elite Branding.png

🔑The key to building and maintaining a strong brand is to stay in front of your audience.

​🧠We use advanced targeting on your social media channels to deliver specific messages directly to cold and warm audiences. You have assets like your website and a social media following...but are you leveraging those assets to turn them into revenue?


Real Clients. Real Results.



➢The Numbers:

▸ Total Ad Spend: $265

▸ Ad Reach: 29,698

▸ Engagements: 4,186

▸ Comments 583

▸ Shares: 133

▸ # of Covers: >200

▸ Emails Collected: 660



➢The Numbers:

▸ Total Ad Spend: $27

▸ Audience Reach: 9,959

▸ Engagements: 1,220

▸ Comments 209

▸ Shares: 20



➢The Numbers:

▸ Total Ad Spend: $1,470

▸ Revenue: $21,073

▸ Number of Covers 800+

▸ Ad Impressions: >240,000

▸ Emails Collected: 1,400+

How Do They Work?

Elite Digital Coupons.png

Let's say that you want to run a promotion. This is great, but how do you track your ROI for giving away a FREE appetizer, or giving a discount on a special item?


We have developed a system that allows all of your redemptions to be tracked directly inside of messenger so that you know HOW MANY PEOPLE REDEEMED and HOW MUCH PEOPLE SPENT!

AD SPEND: $1,470

REVENUE: $21,073


You post something like a free appetizer on your Facebook page and our chatbot does its magic. When people comment on your post or Ad, it will automatically trigger our chatbot to provide them the promotion. Once they are in your place of business, the coupon will be redeemed, the amount will be tracked, and we will provide you a spreadsheet that shows your ROI!

Watch the Video ⬇

Engage with your audience. Deliver what they are looking for. Understand your ROI.

Elite Digital Coupons
Birthday Program
Elite Birthday Program3.png

How Does it Work?

Every day there are hundreds of people in your local area that are celebrating their birthdays.

🎈 One of the most popular things for people to do on their birthday (or the week/month of) is getting together with friends and families for a meal and a celebration. 


Here is the exciting part. This is exactly what we are able to do. Through Facebook and Instagram targeting, we can reach directly out to this audience and invite them to come into your restaurant.


Birthday groups usually bring in larger parties and groups, spend more per person than an average meal, and drive your average check price up. Once your team delivers amazing service and they love your food, there is a much better chance that they will return back to the restaurant where they associate great memories with.

Elite Viral Engagement2.png

If you want to receive insane engagement, you must first give your audience something to talk about. Simply liking a post is not enough to drive up your organic reach. 🔑The key is to get them to start having conversations and...well, getting social on social media!

Once the chatter is happening and the engagement is rolling along, our Viral Engagement system inserts them into a viral loop that promotes even more comments, shares, and activity on your social media channels. 

From these interactions, we collect names, emails, phone numbers, and data that will help us re-engage with your audience through various different channels. 

How Do We Do It?




Engage with your audience. Deliver what they are looking for. Understand your ROI.

Viral Engagement
Elite Branding.png

Remember back when you could put up a post on Facebook and receive dozens of likes and it seemed like all of the hard work you put into building your Facebook and Instagram pages were really paying off? Well, the times have definitely changed on social media. Nowadays, just a small fraction of your audience even sees the posts that you have spent so much time curating.

So...what's the solution?

The game has changed and reaching your audience has now become more of a pay-to-play game. Businesses are having to spend money to run ad campaigns to reach their own audiences. This is where we come in. 

Our expert team of marketing professionals is able to leverage your current audience and help grow a new one through specific, targeted campaigns. We use intelligent advertising techniques to put your brand in front of the right audience. 

Next time you are thinking about 'boosting a post,' just stop and ask yourself..."am I throwing darts in the dark?" This is what happens when you boost a post. Contact us to find out how we are different and we can help you establish and maintain a strong, visible brand.

What Do We Do?


The Powerhouse Messenger Menu

For Restaurants

The Elite Business Tracker becomes even more powerful when combined with The Powerhouse Messenger Menu! When your audience can browse a menu, check happy hour, specials, hours, directions and more without ever leaving messenger, your brand stays directly in front of them.


Each time a message is sent to your customer, they can easily browse through the menu and decide that they want to come to your location for lunch or dinner! 

Watch the Video⬇

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