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How we Generated Nearly $2K in Sales from a Gift Card Giveaway for a Restaurant

We all know that everybody loves a contest or some type of giveaway, right? We also know that giveaways help to improve engagement on your social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. One thing we know for sure is that contests that usually consists of the Like, Tag, Share, approach will get you hearts and likes and people engaging, but WILL IT GENERATE REVENUE?

In this article, I am going to explain to you how we were able to run a $75 Gift Card Giveaway for a local restaurant and then track nearly $2,000 in sales.

You Can't Cash in Likes and Hearts...But You Can Cash in Your Database!

One of the major issues that we often see when restaurants run some type of contest is that they choose the one winner, but everyone else is pretty much left out in the cold. Yes, they might now follow you on Facebook or Instagram, but you have no DIRECT way to reach out to them to get them to visit your restaurant. Why not offer everyone that entered the contest some type of consolation prize?

Here are the exact steps we used to drive the participants that did not win into the restaurant:

First...the contest: We put up the post on Facebook asking people to tell us their favorite food at this particular restaurant. Once they left their comment, they were immediately sent into Facebook Messenger to Enter (at this point they are added to your database, which allows you to reach out to them at any time!).

👇The Actual Post We Put Up on Page👇

When it was time to announce the winner, instead of just putting up another post, we sent everyone that entered a message directly into Messenger. When they checked to see if the won, they were greeted with a message that says "Sorry, you did not win the Gift Card, but we would like to offer you a Buy One, Get One Free Burger." At this point, we delivered a digital and trackable coupon that allows us to see WHO comes in to redeem, WHEN they came in, and HOW MUCH they spent!

👇The Digital Coupon

Do You Care About Vanity Metrics? Or REAL Revenue?

If you are are going to run a contest for a restaurant, don't you think it's important that you are getting some type of Return on Investment? If likes and hearts are what you are seeking, then stick with the traditional contests. However, if you are looking to leverage these gift card giveaways to create a true database of interested people and then have the ability to drive them into the restaurant, the it's time to change up your approach.

Do you want to learn more about running these type of contests? Reach out to me at



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