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Does Social Media Work for Restaurants?

I am sure that everyone from professional agencies to your brother-in-law that runs a tire shop out in the boonies will tell you that you need to be using social media for your restaurant. Guess what? They're right. However, the question is not whether you should be using it to market your business, the question do you know it's working?

Post an Ad on Facebook and Customers Will Show Up

Have you ever seen a really nice advertisement come across your feed on know, one that shows this amazing, mouth-watering food and then when you click on it, you discover that you would have to drive 18 hours, halfway across the country to get it? Yes, I see this type of thing all of the time. Why does this happen? Well, the answer is quite simple, actually! Simply put, the person or persons responsible for running these ads are throwing money straight out of the window because they are not properly targeting the audience correctly.

Now, this may be news to SOME, but with Facebook advertisement, you can target in so many ways and get very granular about who is seeing your ad. However, at the very, very least, you want to make sure that you are targeting people that are in the same city as you. Otherwise, ads are getting show to people that will never be able to make it to your restaurant.

So, is it true that if you post an ad on Facebook that customers will show up? Absolutely...if done right!

Even When Targeting is Right, How Do You Track it?

For a long time, it has been quite difficult to track your advertising efforts through Facebook ads. Yes, you can see how many people clicked to your website to check out your menu, but how do you really know how many of those people have walked through the door? That has been the challenge. This is the MAIN reason we are using the Elite Business Tracker with our restaurant clients. Not only does it deliver insane engagement on Facebook, but it then tracks people that walk through the door and how much they spent. Now, when you spend $200 on ads, you can know things like:

  • How Many Email Addresses Did we Collect?

  • How Many People Have Been Added to my Messenger Database?

  • From that $200 spend, How Many People Walked Through the Door?

  • How Much Did People Spend?

  • What Type of Reach Did My Ads Have?

These types of numbers and questions are no longer a mystery! The Elite Business Tracker can tell you the average check price of people walking in the door, what time they are coming in, what your redemption % is on promos, and more!

Just Posting Will Not Bring You Business

If you look on Facebook and Instagram, you will see thousands and thousands of food photos. The question is...what are they doing to be different? How are they standing out from the crowd, and what do you need to do to stand out from the crowd.

If you want to learn how we can build your database, increase your social media engagement, AND get more butts in seats...please contact me at



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