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Why Every Restaurant Needs to be Using Messenger Marketing

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Do you remember when it felt like you were having real conversations with your customers on social media? You used to get great engagement from your following, and it actually felt 'social?' Well, those times have changed for multiple reasons. Some might blame Facebook and Instagram's always-changing algorithms, but what it boils down to is that people have just become bored with everything being the same.

Enter Facebook Messenger and Automated Messenger Chatbots

Over the last couple of years Facebook has made Messenger a priority and is making a major push to get more and more to use Messenger for business. What makes this exciting is that through Messenger and automation tools, you now have the ability as a restaurant to have fun and engaging conversations that feel more private to the end user. The one-to-one interaction feels more personal, which makes your customers feel more important and more involved with your brand.

Once you have a large database of people in your messenger, you can reach out to them with specials, announcements, or just simply a friendly reach out to stay in touch and say hello. Through Messenger, you can create fun, engaging conversations and mix in some humorous Gifs that help make you stand out from your competition.

The first restaurants that adapt to this new wave of marketing will be the first to capitalize. Now is not the time to drag your feet on is the time to jump out in front of your competition!



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