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❓Are you renting your audience? Or do you own it?

Do you own your restaurant audience? or are you just renting it? The difference could save you thousands!

What's the Difference?

➢ If you spend your advertising money on putting coupons in a magazine or if you are running digital ads/boosting posts that go to your website, but not collecting any data from the audience, you are RENTING.

You have no way to reach out to them again, which means that you have to pay more money each time you run an ad to reach the same audience.

➢ If you spend money on your advertising that helps you collect customer emails, phone numbers, builds your messenger database, and tracks the people that have visited your website, you OWN this audience.

By spending money this one time to build an asset, you can now use this information to reach back out to this audience. you OWN your audience? Or are you RENTING your audience?



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