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Are People Still Doing This in 2020?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Is it me? Or does it seem a little strange to be manually writing down your information on a customer survey card at a restaurant? Half the time, I don't even have a pen or pencil to fill it out and secondly when I do fill it out, I never receive any emails or any of the information or specials that were promised on the card.

The idea of someone filling out the card and then having a staff member enter the information is...well, let's just call it old school. Look, I like old school stuff. Cool old Thunderbirds, vinyl records, classic rock, and all of that stuff that came before my time. But when it comes to stuff like this, I'd rather scan some QR Code or enter a link on my phone. That's me from a consumer point of view. What about on the side of a restaurant owner or manager? The idea of actually taking the information that is collected and then manually entering into some type of system, adding to an email list, a SMS service, etc., is and should not be the way things are done in this century!


Here's an Idea:

How about instead of manually doing all of this, you create a QR Code that connects directly to Messenger or some type of landing page where you can capture the user's information digitally? Once things like name, email, birthday, etc., are all collected, you zap it over to an email system that sends out an automatic email each month. And then maybe once in a while you can use that information to send out a blast announcing some special offer or an event. Taaaa daaaa! Genius, right? Well...not exactly. That's just the modern age we are living in.

If you have questions about how to automate all of this, shoot me an email at:



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